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Does money show up for you in your life in the most positive ways? Do you feel safe, happy and free of fear with money? Maybe not? Maybe money is a struggle, brings up fear and conflict and just makes you feel exhausted?

You’re not alone!

The Divine Money Breakthrough is your opportunity to change your relationship with money forever!

In this 5 week program we will be diving deep into the following areas:

Session One: Support

Do you feel supported by the Universe? Do you have a huge amount of fear when it comes to money?  Once upon a time I didn’t think it was possible to live without fear in relation to money! I thought that constant fear and stress were normal when it came to money. I’ll share with you what it takes to release your own conditioning to set yourself free. You’ll discover how your own intuition can help you and how you can discover where your own limitations or money blocks are to transcend them.

Session Two: Divine Masculine – Giving

We will look at your ability to be able to give. This ties into your relationship with your father – no matter whether he was present or absent it has an impact on you and your conclusions about giving to yourself and to others. It has a dramatic impact of your level of feeling safe around money. We will unpack this energy and clear it so you can be free and feel safe to be generous to yourself and others in your world.

Session Three: Divine Feminine – Receiving

Are you an excellent receiver? It is easy for you to get your needs met? If your Divine Feminine energy has been wounded at all then it we can make the decision that it is better to give than to receive and get out of balance. This come back to the relationship with our mothers. If we haven’t had an imprint of openness and awareness when it comes to receiving then we need to shift this so we can manifest our desires.

Session Four: Becoming a Money Magnet

Do you know how to manifest windfalls in your life? I’ll show you how to do it in a step by step process. You’re learn how to rewire your own mind and to be fierce in your commitment to your dreams. This session is about learning not to take no for an answer and doing what it takes to BE the energy of your dreams so they can come into reality.

Session Five:  Next Level Up – Constantly

I’ve seen so many clients manifest something amazing – and then stop! There are no limits! This makes you realise how much is available to you but also how much your energy may need to expand to reach your goals. (Think about it – if you received $5 million tomorrow – would it freak you out a wee bit?) This is about embodying the energy of abundance so you can hold it and grow it – consistently, for the rest of your life.

Payment Options

After your purchase you’ll be redirected to a page to register for the call. When we come together as a group we can clear energy even faster as we often have the same blocks and our collective energies set a strong intention to move forward.

It’s time to choose yourself, first!

We’ll look forward to seeing you on the call,

Love and Light,



The logistics and FAQs:

The program is for 5 sessions. Each call is for 90 minutes. All calls are held online through GoToWebinar.

The first call with be Tuesday 18th April at 8pm NZST. 

What is it?

A live online group clearing event for 90 minutes.

You can share your comments and questions with me online so we can interact directly.

We use the collective consciousness to create the strongest intention to increase your vibration and let go of things that do not serve you.

Why do I need this?

Most of our blocks are subconscious. Often people feel they have identified their blocks but it is still playing out as a cross purpose in their lives – i.e. they are still not getting what it is that they want. Most people are not aware enough to identify their own subconscious blocks. Our subconscious drives our reality, the conscious mind only plays a small part.

How do I get the log in to register for the event?

Once you purchase the call you will be redirected to a register page for GoToWebinar. You’ll get sent an email closer to the call as a reminder to click the link and join the call.  If you’re joining by phone you’ll need to download the GoToWebinar app to log in, or if you join by computer just click the join link at the time of the webinar.

 What do I need to do to prepare?

Please start thinking about what your own limitations with money. Show up with a willingness and curiosity to see what is possible for you! Please be aware that once you commit to the call some energy may start to moving so please just be aware of this. Don’t let these symptoms or signs stop you from joining the call, that is where the biggest transformations take place.

 What if I can’t make it live?

All event members get the recordings within 48 hours of the live event so you can be sure to still receive all the benefits. Everything is energy so you will still receive the energetic download by listening to the recording.

For further questions please email

Many blessings.


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