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Are you thinking too much?

Saturday, January 24th, 2015

Do you have a tendency to overanalyse things? To go down that spiral of “why did she say that?”, “what did I do to deserve that?”, “why do I feel like this?”, and so on and so forth?

Did you know that thinking takes up a huge component of your physical energy requirements? That every thought you have affects the chemical processes in your body which is where the mind, body connection comes into play and how what you think can impact your health?

This is why meditation is so widely recommended. They say sit down and relax and either follow a guided meditation or focus on nothing and then go into the alpha state of mind which is one of deep relaxation.

A Buddist Monk was once asked for anti-aging secrets. One of them he said was don’t think so much.

Do you mediate? Sometimes it can feel like another chore. How about just trying this instead – sit down outside somewhere in a nice environment, maybe next to the ocean or in a grassy paddock and just ponder. Watch the clouds. The birds. The waves. Concentrate on the feeling of these things around you. If you can’t get outside take some time to just look out the window at the sky.

Create space. Give your brain a break. Notice how you feel. The hardest part is just doing it. Do it for 10 minutes, not two. Really give yourself a proper break.

What happens when you do? Your body relaxes. Your chemicals will harmonise. You will feel good. Your mind will become clear. What you truly need will become apparent. And more important WHO you truly are will become obvious. You are not your thoughts. You are mostly open space and deep, deep love.

If you find it difficult then maybe it’s time to become present with some uncomfortable feelings. (I’ll write about this in my next post – it’s a big topic!)

Treat yourself by being present to your true self today. Go lie in that paddock and watch the clouds and ponder. And let me know how you felt afterwards.

The most precious gift you can give yourself is stillness. I can’t do it for you or give it to you. So please honour yourself today and be present to the moment.

So much love and blessings coming your way,




Last night I dreamt of my own funeral. And it was GREAT!

Sunday, January 11th, 2015

While I was dreaming I didn’t feel upset or unhappy to know that it was me in the coffin and when I awoke I realised that it was symbolic. It was the death of the old me.

The death of the part of me that still choses to be unseen, that believes I’m not good enough and wants to remain in the past. Kind of stuck and not growing. In familiar surroundings. Not anywhere new, unfamiliar or possibly scary.

But we’re not here not to grow.

It was still a grieving process. Earlier yesterday I was in floods of tears and didn’t know why. I felt desolate and I was completely despairing. I knew well enough to allow the feelings to come and to cry – it’s such a wonderful chemical release.

And then my dream revealing to me what I was not understanding consciously. It’s time to let the past go. It’s time to let bigger dreams come into reality. It time to step in to what’s possible with open arms.

My Mum gave me a beautiful ceramic plaque once. It says “For those who travel far, they must travel lightly”. So true.

So what do you need to let go of? A job, relationship, stress, anxiety, old attachments, limiting beliefs and maybe some ‘I’m not good enough’ too?

Time for a little death. Nothing to be afraid of, it’s just a way to create more space for what is waiting, to unfold.

So celebrate your deaths – let go with confidence. Create more space and let something new come into your life today.

As for me, I was happy to be at my own funeral. It’s so good to get to this point because I can feel all the goodness coming.

I’m ready. Are you?

Love and light,