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Why it’s possible your heart and mind may be….divorced.

Saturday, May 30th, 2015

Have you ever suffered a heart ache that was so huge it decimated you on every level? You couldn’t function, you were lost beyond despair? Your grief so huge it was entirely oppressive?

Sadly when this occurs there can become a disconnect between the heart and the mind. The heart just wants to love. When a relationship ends I have seen it where the mind judges the heart and informs it ‘You are stupid for loving that person – they don’t love you back! You made a mistake – you are crazy for feeling that way!”

Adding to our grief of our perceived loss we then judge ourselves and create a further divide within ourselves – when we actually really need ourselves the most.

We need our own words of love and kindness. The heart needs the mind’s support to reconcile what has happened and the mind needs the heart’s love to understand that love is never “lost”. It is constant and what pains the heart the most is when we withhold love.

So, the remedy? For the heart and mind to come back into connection with each other – to support each other, to offer love and wisdom to each other. To understand the beauty and gift of having the experience of loving that precious person but recognising that the most amazing experience is the one we give ourselves. Essentially all our relationships are an energy within us so we determine what occurs, energetically. If someone moves out of our lives we need to allow grace to be present to allow the situation to unfold as it does. Let go and let yourself be open to surrendering to something bigger than yourself – trusting that you ARE love – that it can never be taken away from you.

It’s a good question to ask yourself – do my heart and mind support each other? Are they truly connected? Do they offer each other what they need?

Time a moment to reflect and see what your heart and mind might like to say.

Sending you love and light,




What happens when you let your soul make your decisions?

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

So what happens when you let your soul make all your decisions?

A lot of happiness. A lot of fun. A feeling of freedom – like you are on purpose and moving towards something magical. That life is suddenly more vibrant, abundant and ALIVE. Things start to flow. Synchronicity abounds, you’re finally moving with the world, not against it. Opportunities show up, people pop into your field that surprise and delight you, you realise how wonderful it is to evolve into the best version of yourself.

When you master letting go of the rational mind and letting your intuition take centre stage then you are setting yourself up for wonderful events to happen. You are allowing yourself to step outside of your 3D standard paradigm and into magic.

It takes some practice but it’s often fun and it’s SO worth it. Every spiritual teacher will tell you – all you need is inside you – it’s an inside job. And it’s true! You already have everything you need to create an amazing life adventure. The only thing holding you back is making the choice.

What would it take for you to choose your amazing life? To choose to hear the whispers of your soul, which are often filled with stillness and subtlety. Will you allow yourself to fly as high as your soul would like to soar or are you going to sit in the ‘rub’?  The rub is where your mind tries to control your life, and keep you safe and where your soul is constantly urging, prompting, encouraging and enthusing you to try something different. To step out of your comfort zone. The bright lights are beyond your comfort zone – they are there to encourage us to move towards them.

The irony being is those bright lights are just a reflection of the light within you. To pinch a line from Rumi – “You are what you seek”.

Will you allow it to come forth? Will you allow yourself the joy of knowing yourself at the deepest levels so you can be happy, light and free?

I’ve made my choice and I’m grateful for choosing to listen to myself and my inner wisdom.

Sending you love and blessings,



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Are you choosing to live at an ultra high frequency? i.e. Bliss, anyone?

Friday, May 8th, 2015

You are responsible for your whole life. Ugh. Don’t you hate pithy statements like that? Ones that imply that you have all the keys, that you know all the answers or that how you live is your total creation.

People who make statements like that don’t know what your Dad is like, that your cat is dying a slow and horrible death or that your precious Grandma is suffering from dementia. They don’t know that it pisses you off that your partner leaves the lid off the toothpaste, that your commute to work sucks and that your boss is an asshole.

Life can be cruel and unfair and it has nothing to do with you. It’s just the way it is sometimes, right?

How about trying this on for size. What if you ARE completely responsible for your life? Because guess what? You ARE.

The word responsible means the ability to be able to respond. You get to choose in every single moment how to respond. You can fall into the energetic abyss of “life is hard, I never get my way, it’s cruel that Grandma has to go through this…” or you choose something else.

I’m not saying you need to be Pollyanna here. What I am saying is that you are powerful beyond measure and you have the power to choose the energetic frequency of your life. In every moment.

I’m choosing bliss. What will you choose?

Is there part of you going WTF? How do I even know what bliss looks like?  Try this on for a moment. Allow yourself to imagine what your life would look, sound, smell and feel like if you were living from a state of bliss. Close your eyes and connect to that energy, right now.

Pretty delicious, huh?

If that’s not your current reality then I recommend you do this: DECIDE. Make the decision that is what is coming to you now.

And watch the Universe shift and change to support you in experiencing it. The right people will pop into your reality, the teacher will appear, the knowledge and understanding you require to achieve it will show up.

You are a creator being in a body. You KNOW on a soul level that you can experience bliss – some may call it heaven – on this earth plane.

Knowing yourself as source energy – the soul part of yourself – would you ever deny yourself?

Sending you the energy of pure bliss and a splash of joy!

Love Rebecca.


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