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Will you let yourself believe?

Thursday, August 27th, 2015

When you think of your dream life – the one where you feel and look amazing and everything is going your way, you are surrounded by people that you love and who love you, where you are making an amazing contribution in the form of your art, creativity, calling or passion which is appreciated and you are remunerated for it exponentially, where you have so much fun, are treated beautifully and experience synchronicity and flow and your relationships are full of ease and grace and……….oh!

Did I lose you somewhere?

Maybe in the first sentence?

Oh yes, it’s so easy to do that. It’s so easy to go to that place where we don’t allow ourselves to believe that what we want is possible.

Maybe your dream is too far fetched. Maybe it’s too hard. Maybe it would take too much work. Maybe this is all your mind…… spinning you a bunch of baloney.

The thing is, if we don’t allow ourselves to connect with the feelings of our dreams then it’s harder to bring them into our reality. The Universe wants to support us in having our dreams coming true. That’s why when we start taking action on our dreams we can experience quantum jumps forward in ways we can’t even imagine in regards to progressing our dreams. It’s so important to allow ourselves the gift of feeling what it would be like to have all our desires.

Take a moment to close your eyes and think about one of your dreams coming true….how does it feel?

Maybe your dream is something you may consider mundane. Like forgiving your parents, reconciling a relationship, losing weight or getting an amazing new job. Your dream is your dream!

The way to tell if your dream will come to fruition is ask yourself – how much heart do I have in this dream? If it’s your heart’s true desire as long as you take action you will prevail. If your heart is not in it then it’s not going to happen in a hurry.

So go to your heart and ask it – what is your deepest desire for us? Then – and here is where the magic happens – ask your intuition what is the first step you can take towards making that desire a reality?  Follow that information and watch doors open up where once there were walls. And keep on asking! The electro magnetic field around the heart is 60 times more powerful than that of the mind – harness that energy and trust your intuition to take those quantum leaps towards your dreams.

Dare to believe that what your heart is calling for is yours for the taking. Let yourself believe.

Roald Dahl said it best “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it”.

And Jesus said “Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours”

Can you feel the magic in that?

Love and light,




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Love is….present moment awareness.

Wednesday, August 12th, 2015

Often we are found searching for that all inclusive feeling of love, romantic love where we are uplifted to something beyond ourselves. We write poetry, paint, draw and sing to express our love to our beloved. Colours seem brighter, food tastier, the world becomes more vibrant and alive and we glow. When we meet someone new we can experience this chemical reaction where they inspire us, and we fall in love and we adore everything about that person. And then eventually the novelty wears off, they wear their dirty shoes inside, leave the towels on the floor, the lid off the toothpaste, there is some drama or conflict and eventually we can become…..annoyed, aggravated, irritated and wondering where those juicy sweet feelings of love went!

Scientists will tell you that falling in love reads on a scan like your brain is on cocaine. All the same receptors light up. That’s how powerful love is. So when the chemical reaction eventually changes then so too will the feelings of being in love.

What I have always found amazing though, is the fact that a relationship is always inside of your own mind. True the other person is also having their own experience of you – but at the end of the day being in love is a process where you tell yourself that what you are seeing, hearing, feeling and experiencing is in the energy of love. You are creating it – it is your reality creation.

Knowing this then surely we have more control over how to stay in love for the longer term? If we can induce our brains into the experience of love in the first instance why can we not continue to do that?

It occurred to me that love is a present moment awareness. When you are in the present moment you are not in the past – where we may have experienced disappointment, sadness or loss. You are not placing these concerns or hurts on your partner if you have present moment awareness – AND you choose to let go of any filters which are colouring your experience.

The same goes for the future – fear and anxiety can creep in – what if this person leaves me? What if they stop loving me? Being in the present moment relieves you of all the fear. It also creates a huge amount of magic, in the form of space. Think about it – is it easier for your partner to be around someone who is anticipating disappointment? ( pulling the past into the present) or fearful? ( expecting loss or hurt) Neither are much fun.

How great is it to be with someone who can be in the present moment, engaged in the here and now? In this age of technological advancements one of the sexiest things you can offer your partner is your complete and undivided present moment awareness and attention. All eyes on them. Not the phone, tv or shopping list in your head. Completely on them.

Try it for an evening. Let go of anywhere your thoughts are anywhere else than on you and your partner. Practice mindfulness. Give yourself the gift of more space and in that space watch love rush in.

You can do this with anyone, your partner, parents, friends, family, children, work colleagues. Give them your present self and go so far as to say to yourself in your mind – “I give you the gift of my full attention”. Stop whatever you are doing, look them in the eye. Listen, deeply.

What you focus on expands so when you focus on giving someone your loving attention then you will surely receive it back again.