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Are you hiding in the Spiritual Closet?

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015

Are you at a stage where you love personal development, turning inwards, finding the answers through your intuition but….you would never share this with your family, friends or workmates for fear that they would think you are crazy? Woo woo? Flaky?

That maybe if you shared how your really feel you would be risking judgment, rejection or ridicule?

You are not alone. Seriously. Right now there are millions of people who feel the same way and I know how that feels because that used to be me. Being intuitive sometimes felt like a curse – that somehow I was different than other people or even worse for a sensitive person, that somehow I was wrong.

So what does it take to get to a place where you actually celebrate being an intuitive soul?

These are my three top suggestions.

1) Create the best environment that supports you. Yes, this means monitoring your friends and losing them if they don’t support your goal, dreams or values. Yes, it can hurt and feel painful letting friendships go but its more painful holding on to someone or something that causes you to be inauthentic. New friends who support your vision for yourself and your life will show up! Also monitor your thoughts about what you tell yourself about what other people think – your sharing of your experiences with your own intuition could be the door opener for someone else! Choose love, let the fear go.


2) Make a commitment. Commit to your higher self. Commit to placing your connection to Source energy as THE most important relationship in your life. Say this out loud – now!  ” I choose to commit to Source energy as the primary relationship in my life, from which all things flow, upholding this relationship to the frequency of love at all times” And so it is!


3) Be kind to yourself, ask and know. Be kind to yourself as you make this relationship with Source as your highest and primary relationship.

Check in and ask your spirit “How are you doing today?” Ask Source energy – “What would it take to totally be me in any given moment? To show up at work like I do when I am at home? To feel totally relaxed, confident and at ease all the time, no matter who I am with?” Ask with your hand on your heart to take the attention out of your head and into your body.

Know that certain things may need to be disestablished in your life to make room for the new – try to have a bird’s eye view of the situation to know that old energy needs to leave before new energy can come in.


What I have noticed on my journey is the more I committed to make my relationship with Source the most important in my life, the kinder I was to me and the more I became aware of my environment then my inner world became reflected in my outer world.

Now I am surrounded by people who share my vision, support me and encourage me to go for my dreams so I know it’s possible for you too. Choose this for yourself as well!

Love and light and all things bright. xxx




Love, Death and Heaven

Monday, September 7th, 2015

Some of you may have seen that Dr Wayne Dyer passed over last week – what a blessing to humanity that man was. I loved the sound of his voice – it was the first thing I can remember when I downloaded one of his podcasts when I was still at work after hours one night, back in my corporate job. I remember thinking “Wow, this man has an amazing voice!” Then later I actually thought – “There is something in what he is saying too!”

When I was at the Hay House seminar a few weeks back I had the pleasure of seeing Dr Dyer speak – it was wonderful just to be in his presence – he felt delicious – so full of light and peace. After Dr Dyer a woman called Anita Moorjani came on and spoke – she had had a near death experience and went on to write a book called “Dying to be Me” – her story is incredibly inspiring.

Then shorty after she spoke I introduced myself to two ladies in the crowd – one of them had had a near death experience…she was younger than me and had had a heart attack – she told me she had come and left her body multiple times and received several downloads of information in regards to her purpose at the time of her death.

Since then I have watched the movie “Perfect Wave” which is based on the true story of Ian McCormack who was stung and killed by multiple box jellyfish – and came back to life after having a direct experience with God. (This was not because I was looking for movies about near death experiences – I was actually motivated to watch movies with Scott Eastwood in them – hottie!)

And just yesterday while at my parents to celebrate Father’s Day I saw the movie “Heaven is for Real”, about a young boy Colton Burpo who had emergency surgery. He did not die on the table but visited Heaven – and came back with extraordinary stories of sitting on Jesus’s lap and visiting other members of his family – even a sister who had never been born due to miscarriage.

Clearly these claims create controversy and stir up strong feelings for people. It will always come down to personal interpretation.

For me though I find it very interesting that over the past three weeks – I have heard one women speak of her experiences, met a woman directly who has had a near death experience, came close to losing a loved one myself – ( I’m so happy he was saved by Amazing Grace!), watched two movies and I know that Dr Wayne Dyer was completely accepting of death….

With all this information coming my way I can clearly see that the Universe is telling me something!

I don’t think I need to have a near death experience myself to believe.

And here is the secret – we can create Heaven on earth by being open to believing.

Do you believe that you are loved, never alone, and always being guided? I do. I have seen so many miracles and I feel my open mind and curiosity have served me well. The more open I am, the more information I have seen which confirms that Heaven is real – and we can experience it right now.

I still have a little fear around using the word God – in some ways it still feels restrictive to me, like the old guy in white robes sitting on a fluffy cloud! But I do know this – if you are seeking answers, want to know the truth and want to be connected you can be assured that what you are reaching for is also reaching out for you.

You are deeply loved, know this in your heart and you will experience more of it.

Sending you love light and blessings,



p.s.  I’d love to hear how this sits with you – please email me at to let me know your thoughts. xx