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Is your careful just fearful?

Monday, June 27th, 2016

Where do you live your life from – your mind or your heart?

I see this a lot in my coaching practice – a person experiences hurt, shuts down their heart, decides to live from their mind and then they wonder why, after time rolls by, life has lost it’s vibrancy, juiciness and wonder?

If you’ve ever suffered heartache then this process can happen unconsciously. If you are an adult it’s more than likely you have experienced loss or hurt, right? It can show up in so many different ways – not being able to find a new partner, being closed to new experiences, feeling trapped by your job, choosing not to spend money on yourself, feeling defensive or angry and wondering what the hell is the purpose of life? All these roads lead us back to our own level of self love.

It can be hard for the heart and mind to trust each other after a painful experience.

It’s also imperative.

If you want to experience joy, you need to trust your heart. You need to have the courage to listen to your heart’s desires and take action on them. That is what brings you joy!

Your rational mind is always looking to keep you safe and FEELING is one of the scariest things we can experience as human beings!

There is a way though. I’ve taken hundreds of people through the process where you realize your feelings are actually supporting you and showing you where energy is blocked. Negative feelings are a call for greater self awareness. Unblock the energy and you can move forward with ease and grace. Leave it there and it can be like a dam where the pressure just grows and grows.

So if life is not open, easy and joyful for you, if it’s not showing up in happy relationships, feeling empowered and with abundance then I know for sure you are not listening to, or following, your heart. Your heart is coded for the truth. It will always want to take you to the place that the mind will consider scary. The trick is to do it anyway.

The only way out is through. Drop me a line and let’s do it together.

Many blessings, Rebecca. xx

Fortune favors the brave.

Thursday, June 2nd, 2016

My Dad took me to get my first official bank account when I was 15 years old.

I remember going in with him to see the bank manager. It was so serious, so solemn. The banker gave me a cheque book and my Dad showed me how to balance it. He told me “Don’t ever get in the red”.  I didn’t know what that meant at the time. Goodness knows I wasn’t going to ask for fear of looking completely dumb, especially in front of the banker.

Have you ever been in a situation like that before? Where you were too scared to ask for fear of being judged as stupid?

When it comes to money we make a lot of assumptions. We’re expected to know how to handle it, what to do with it and how to do it well. Without really asking. They don’t teach us in school. How beneficial would it be to know how to do a budget or the effects of compound saving by the time you graduated high school?

In my experience when you have the courage to ask for help you experience two things. Firstly, you may learn something new that you didn’t know before and secondly you develop more confidence for asking the question in the first place. Asking denotes self value.

Fortune favors the brave. To change your life or your current experience requires courage to move outside your current circumstances – to extend yourself into something new.

Will you be that brave?

One of my favorite quotes is by Ronald Dahl.

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never experience it”.

Will you let go of your old way of living to allow yourself to experience something new? 

Maybe even something magical?

I’ve seen so many miracles in my life. When you have a direct experience of a miracle no-one can take that experience away from you – you know it.

Here’s to making choices that serve you, your abundance and your freedom.

Sending you love and light,

P.s. We start the process of change this coming Sunday NZST, Saturday PT so be quick!