Find Your Bliss

Increase your vibration - Change your life - Manifest your dreams

with Rebecca Davison

About me

I live in Christchurch, New Zealand.

I’ve always been intuitive – as a child I would often be puzzled by adult conversations as it was easy to see that often what people said didn’t match their energy – some how they seemed out of alignment.

Over the years I have done huge volumes of research into personal development – always with the intention that there must be something more than this! ( Have you ever felt that way, by chance?!) And I have been richly rewarded – as there is more beyond our wildest dreams.

I have been trained by one of the industry’s most beautiful, gifted and talented people, Christie Marie Sheldon, and I love, love, love what I do.

I know that huge shifts that are totally mind expanding are possible as I have experienced them myself. I know deeply that we are LOVE and we are often not allowing ourselves to shine and be true as we have stacked so much rubbish on top of ourselves – sometimes seems impossible to step away from it.

But it is possible. You are a loving, creative, inspiring and beautiful individual and you are perfect just as you are. My role is to help you step away from what does not serve you, raise you to a vibration where all good things are possible so you feel deeply loved, supported and cared for while experiencing the joy of who you really are, without all the judgement, criticism and negative thoughts that can plague us in our quest to be free. When we work together to wrap unravel the energetic ties you will feel more open, expanded, free and more empowered to create your beautiful life the way YOU want it.

It is a total HONOR for me to facilitate this process for you. For me, serving you, is truly finding my bliss. And there is PLENTY of bliss to go round, you just need to claim it for yourself.