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Let this go to manifest MORE!

April 10th, 2018

There are a whole bunch of things we need to let go of to manifest more. Our limiting beliefs for one. But the one I want to speak to today is a huge block to manifesting what you want and that is jealousy.

We all know that icky feeling when we see someone doing well or doing what they love and seemingly having more fun than us. The Instagram feed that lets you delve into other people’s perfect lives and can end up making you feel like you are coming up short.

A few things to know about jealousy…

1.More often than not you will be jealous of people in your own lane. For example, a ballerina is probably not going to have an issue with a basketball player, although she may have her eye on another ballerina.

2.Jealousy can be an awesome motivator. It can inspire you into action, not from a place of revenge but from a space of making a bigger impact on what you are doing. Use it accordingly.

3.What do you do with people that you are jealous of? Bless them. Bless their ambition, their courage, their ability to take action and their desire to succeed. Why? Because when we choose to bless them we are also blessing OURSELVES. The Universal law of One Mind shows us that everything is energy and everything is connected. When we bless another we are offering ourselves the same energy. When you have achieved a lot or been successful in your chosen field surely you would want people to be inspired by you? Bless others now and receive the same blessings on your journey.

As always, it starts with you.

Many blessings,

Sacred Sexuality

November 12th, 2017

One of the most curious things to me about sex is that we have forgotten where this sacred gift comes from. All things come from Source Energy so, therefore, sex is a gift of divine expression. Somehow though, this beautiful act of oneness is often denigrated to something other than sacred.

I often connect sex and money. Why? Because just like money, sex is what we make it. It can be heavenly or hell, pure and light or dark and defiled. When we take full accountability for our experience we realise that it’s what WE make it – it’s our choice. We choose how we respond to everything that occurs, good or bad. Our power is in our choices.

So, what does it take to bring our sexuality front and centre and start to realise that this is a gift to help us to create oneness with the Divine? What we all crave on the deepest levels is a connection – to ourselves, our partners, others and to the Universe. Will you be so brave as to allow God into your bedroom? Will you allow yourself to become a divine light of love and sexual bliss radiating out into the world?

Of course, this raises all sorts of issues. We may start to question if we are truly in command of our bodies and our responses. Are we being controlled by others expectations? Perhaps there is judgment there in regards to how we look physically which impacts our ability to enjoy pleasure. If we experience too much pleasure perhaps we end up creating distance from people who are not. We limit ourselves in so many ways, often to fall in line with convention, and this convention is creating millions of miserable people.

Would you be curious to start knowing how to receive more pleasure in your body, your life, your energy field? Would you be curious to start exploring your sexual energy with the intention of reclaiming your sacred sexuality?

I’m passionate about seeing people be free of limitation and sex is one of those areas where often people feel trapped.

I’m working on exciting new projects that will explore sacred sexuality and tantra practices to bring this powerful God Force energy to the surface. This is an opportunity to harness our most powerful and primal creator energy to transport yourself into bliss.

I’d love to hear from you and how this is landing for you. Are you wanting MORE when it comes to sex, pleasure and connection? Please email me and let me know, I’d love to hear from you.

I’ll share more insights soon,

Many blessings,



Success, Ego and Humility.

August 3rd, 2017

I’m at a point now in my business where things are going pretty well. Some people may even call it successful. This is an interesting place to be. There are lots of learnings!

One of them has been – how do I replicate the success I’ve had previously? Back in March I launched a program called Money, Sex and Soul, which is for heart-based entrepreneurs to face their fears, shift their vibration and to take the rational action steps to move into pleasure and abundance doing work they love. I loved it. They got great results which was so inspiring! (You can see more by checking out my You Tube channel here)
I went to launch the program again just recently.

(Can you feel the big BUT coming?!)

I ran an event – just last night (!) and offered it to the folks there. BUT….I went home, completed buzzed and enthusiastic about the evening and then realised…I didn’t want to offer the program again.

WTF, right?

AND, I just emailed the folks there this morning to tell them I’m withdrawing the offer. Why? Purely because I don’t feel to do it. So this is a curious place to be!

Yes, an idea for a new program was birthed in its place – two in fact. But this was a great lesson for me in regards to what we feel we “have to” do to be successful.

My ego was like – “it worked last time, it will work again – do that!” My soul said – “actually, I want to do something else!”

I’ve been leaning into my definition of success is a lot recently. It’s not the money – that only satisfies the ego and momentarily at that. Success for me is a feeling of expansion and limitlessness, which is why I have often said if I stop enjoying what I am doing I would quite happily go and be a chicken farmer in Idaho.

YOU define what success is for you. Some people place so much emphasis on the numbers of people who follow them or how many people have signed up for their latest thing.

I define success by the love around me. The strength of my connections. Of knowing, deep down, that I am in service. That feels sooooo good and is where I want to live from.

I watched a fantastic video between Lewis Howes and Justin Baldoni last week. They talked about the dance between our ego and humility, how it’s important to dial our ego back and keep on going back to the place of the spirit. This is our nature; the dance of duality. For me that is always going to involve keeping my ego in check, taking the road less travelled and following my intuition.

At the end of the interview, Lewis asked Justin what his definition of greatness was. Justin replied in a word “Humility”. I couldn’t agree more. People who are great don’t need to tell others how great they are. They are too busy out there doing awesome things!

Do you know what success or greatness look like for you? I’m here for you to help you gain clarity so please feel free to schedule your free 30-minute session here.

Here’s to always following that still voice from within.

Love and blessings,

Stressed? Read this.

July 18th, 2017

Are you stressed? If so…..

..the good news is it can be changed. The not so great news is that’s time for a massive reality check.

When I see clients who are really stressed usually these predominant energies come up:

They are not taking accountability for creating their reality and are still in the energy of blame.

They have given their power away to external sources – their partner, kids, boss, job, money.

On some level they feel heart broken or unsupported by God/The Universe

They have a distorted relationship with TIME.

Feeling stressed can be scary. It can feel like there is no way out, that it will never end and there can be uncertainty on how to move forward.

I have good news for you – it’s time for a breakthrough. It’s time to open up to some GOODNESS in your life. To a connection of feeling supported, loved, whole and fulfilled.

YOU are the only person who can create that through the choices you are making. Are you making inspired decisions to bring you great results?

Stop spinning your wheels, exhausting your energy and living in a quiet state of desperation – email me today to make your time so you can move forward with ease and grace.

Love Rebecca.