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Do you feel limited or restricted in your life? Maybe you catch yourself saying “I don’t have enough money”, or perhaps you are stuck in a job you don’t really love but you don’t feel you can leave for fear of not making the money you need to survive.

It’s time to break free.

You know your soul is always yearning to experience freedom and now is your chance to change your life to become limitless.

The Intuitive Life Academy and Find Your Bliss present:

Becoming Limitless

Over 12 weeks we will raise your energetic frequency. What does that mean? It means we will shift you from feeling like you are suffering or constricted in your life to expanding your energy out to experience more freedom, joy and pleasure.

Two purchase options available:

Payment Options

Session One: Intuition Activation

We will connect you to energy that makes you feel GOOD! We’ll do a deep dive into what your intuition is and what it’s not so you can get very clear on how you can be guided to make decisions that serve you. When you learn that you have everything you need to create an amazing life you’ll experience a deep sense of empowerment and connection. You’ll know what it feels like to be unstoppable.

Session Two: Your Ego

EGO – it stands for Edging God Out. Are you afraid of what other people think and say? Are you judgmental and critical towards yourself and therefore others? In this clearing we release anywhere your ego is standing in the way of experiencing your true self. We’ll make a path for the most powerful part of yourself to flow – your limitless self. If you’re tired of feeling isolated, alone and separate, then this session is a must.

Session Three to Six: Letting go of money limits

I worked in a bank for 13 years and saw of a lot of emotion around money that dragged people down. Do you feel your value is only as big as your bank account? (And maybe it’s even in debt?!) People experience so much fear, lack and scarcity around money. It activates the ego like nothing else which creates fear, separation and anxiety. When we clear our money blocks we can let go of fear and move into trusting money and experiencing more abundance. Click here to see Dayle’s journey on releasing his money blocks.

Session Seven: Fun and Pleasure

Is playfulness even on your to do list? As children we instinctively know how to play – as adults we lose this precious skill which can present us with the energy of awe and wonder. Remember what the world felt like as a child? A big adventure! We clear anything today to release any obstacles to having fun, experiencing pleasure and even being silly, just for the sake of it!

Session Eight: Friendships

Do your friends love and support you in all that you do? Do you have some Negative Nellies and some B*tchy Bettys in your circle of friends? We’ll look at how to make your friendships fun, safe and loving and how to let go of those who undermine you.  You’ll create a tribe of friends where it’s safe to truly open your heart and connect deeply to experience fulfilment in your friendships.

Session Nine:  Living Your Dreams

Do you have a BIG DREAM that you wouldn’t even know how to bring into creation? What does it take to be unstoppable in pursuit of those desires that may even seem to be beyond our wildest dreams? I love this topic! We’ll clear anywhere you think you don’t have a dream, we’ll go through a process of tuning into your deepest passions and set them loose into the world so you can experience the joy of being a creator being in a body!

Session Ten: Falling in love with romantic relationships

Are you in love with love? Have you experienced disillusionment, disappointment and maybe even destructive relationships? Are you afraid you’ll get hurt, again? In this clearing, we release hurt and fear in our most intimate relationship, with our chosen partner. Whether you’re single or together, it doesn’t matter. This session is all about opening up to MORE love. We’ll clear the pain of the past to experience more pleasure in the present.

Session Eleven: Superb Sexuality

Yes! Let’s go there! Everyone at some stage has experienced some form of contracted feeling or emotion around sex, whether it’s fear, embarrassment, humiliation, rejection or something worse. This is an amazing opportunity to set yourself free in a safe environment. Let go off anywhere you don’t feel you have permission to show up sexually in a way that you love and that you are choosing for yourself. Release yourself from the judgments, words and expectations of others on this call to bring you back to your sexy, juicy vibe.

Session Twelve: Perfect love for you

Do you know yourself as love? Your relationship with everything extends from your relationship with yourself. Are you honouring and cherishing yourself in the energy of love, every single day? What would a person who loves themselves do? On this call we complete our journey but clearing anywhere you are limiting the love you give to yourself which in turn limits what you can receive from others. What does it take to be in a constant state of love and extending that to others? Join this call to find out. We’ll recap your journey,  tune in energetically to see how much you have shifted your vibration and see what else is possible for you on your journey!


After your purchase, you’ll be redirected to a page to register for the call. When we come together as a group we can clear energy even faster as we often have the same blocks and our collective energies set a strong intention to move forward.

It’s time to choose yourself, first!

Become Limitless today.

Love and Light,

Rebecca xxx


The logistics and FAQs:

The program is for 12 sessions. Each call is for 90 minutes. All calls are held online through GoToWebinar.

The first call with be Tuesday 29th August at 8 pm NZST. 

What is it?

A live online group clearing event for 90 minutes.

You can share your comments and questions with me online so we can interact directly.

We use the collective consciousness to create the strongest intention to increase your vibration and let go of things that do not serve you.

Why do I need this?

Most of our blocks are subconscious. Often people feel they have identified their blocks but it is still playing out as a cross purpose in their lives – i.e. they are still not getting what it is that they want. Most people are not aware enough to identify their own subconscious blocks. Our subconscious drives our reality, the conscious mind only plays a small part.

How do I get the login to register for the event?

Once you purchase the call you will be redirected to a registration page for GoToWebinar. You’ll get sent an email closer to the call as a reminder to click the link and join the call.  If you’re joining by phone you’ll need to download the GoToWebinar app to log in, or if you join by computer just click the join link at the time of the webinar.

 What do I need to do to prepare?

Please start thinking about what your own limitations with money, sex, relationships, your life purpose and your level of happiness. Show up with a willingness and curiosity to see what is possible for you! Please be aware that once you commit to the program some energy may start to moving so please just be aware of this. Don’t let these symptoms or signs stop you from joining the call, that is where the biggest transformations take place.

 What if I can’t make it live?

All event members get the recordings within 48 hours of the live event so you can be sure to still receive all the benefits. Everything is energy so you will still receive the energetic download by listening to the recording.

For further questions please email

Many blessings, Rebecca.

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