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with Rebecca Davison

Let this go to manifest MORE!

April 10th, 2018

There are a whole bunch of things we need to let go of to manifest more. Our limiting beliefs for one. But the one I want to speak to today is a huge block to manifesting what you want and that is jealousy.

We all know that icky feeling when we see someone doing well or doing what they love and seemingly having more fun than us. The Instagram feed that lets you delve into other people’s perfect lives and can end up making you feel like you are coming up short.

A few things to know about jealousy…

1.More often than not you will be jealous of people in your own lane. For example, a ballerina is probably not going to have an issue with a basketball player, although she may have her eye on another ballerina.

2.Jealousy can be an awesome motivator. It can inspire you into action, not from a place of revenge but from a space of making a bigger impact on what you are doing. Use it accordingly.

3.What do you do with people that you are jealous of? Bless them. Bless their ambition, their courage, their ability to take action and their desire to succeed. Why? Because when we choose to bless them we are also blessing OURSELVES. The Universal law of One Mind shows us that everything is energy and everything is connected. When we bless another we are offering ourselves the same energy. When you have achieved a lot or been successful in your chosen field surely you would want people to be inspired by you? Bless others now and receive the same blessings on your journey.

As always, it starts with you.

Many blessings,