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Money Magic

January 18th, 2013

Is money hard for you? Does it come to you easily? And maybe disappear just as easily? Do you like it? Love it? Or maybe even hate it?

Money is a huge topic and is so emotionally charged – every one has a different relationship to it and for some it seems easier than others but without consciousness being brought to money you can guarantee that their will be some “triggers” in money for you.

The first place to start – what was money like in your family growing up? Did Mum or Dad take care of the bills? What were your parents spending patterns like? Did one parent earn the money and the other person spend it? Start asking yourself some questions around the patterns of money. How about the extended family like aunties and uncles and grandparents – what were their thoughts and attitudes about money? Anyone have any shame or guilt in relation to money? Bad experiences?

When we step into these questions we can start to identify whereabouts money patterns may be imprinted in our thought beliefs and we can look to change them, especially if they are attitudes that no longer serve us like that old coconut “Money doesn’t grow on trees!”

I used to work in a bank and I’ve seen how emotionally charged money was for people – the fear of asking for a loan and being rejected. Not being “good enough” if you don’t earn enough money. Anxiety, depression, feelings of being denied – essentially money being a monster.

When we become aware of the blocks and shift then we can move into a state where we can reframe our relationship to money – because that’s what it is – a relationship – then we can look to fall in love with money. Deeply! How can we love and respect money more? How can we show money that it’s important to us and we will look after it, love it and care for it? How can we bring an energy to money so it will want to be with us and more importantly, want to stay with us, for good?

I hope these insights give you a new understanding of how money (which is energy) is affected by our thoughts and attitudes towards it. Hate it? It’s going to run from you. Who wouldn’t? Love it and it will come close, play with you, spend time with you AND love you back.

Sending you many blessings for an abundant future filled with money magic,


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