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How to Stay in Your Power (E-book)

June 9th, 2014


Have you ever felt suckered punched by someone’s words or actions? Oooooh, ouch! Then this ebook is for you. Learn how you can easily be pushed out of your power if you are not aware of energy dynamics and what you can do about it so you can remain calm and centred at all times, no matter what is happening around you or who is trying to push your buttons!

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How to Stay in Your Power was developed after seeing so many of my clients being triggered by external circumstances which rendered them powerless. A low vibration comment can have you out of your joy before you know it so this e-book helps you to identify energy that does not serve you and what you can do to keep yourself in an optimal state at all times. We look at how human beings are designed and what motivates us and how this relates to our own internal state. We discover “emotional vampires”; how to identify one and how to deal with them. We explore what it means to be powerful, how to stay in your power if someone is pushing your buttons and ways that you can develop your personal power so you are living an extraordinary life, where you are centred, calm and full of joy.