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Sacred Sexuality

November 12th, 2017

One of the most curious things to me about sex is that we have forgotten where this sacred gift comes from. All things come from Source Energy so, therefore, sex is a gift of divine expression. Somehow though, this beautiful act of oneness is often denigrated to something other than sacred.

I often connect sex and money. Why? Because just like money, sex is what we make it. It can be heavenly or hell, pure and light or dark and defiled. When we take full accountability for our experience we realise that it’s what WE make it – it’s our choice. We choose how we respond to everything that occurs, good or bad. Our power is in our choices.

So, what does it take to bring our sexuality front and centre and start to realise that this is a gift to help us to create oneness with the Divine? What we all crave on the deepest levels is a connection – to ourselves, our partners, others and to the Universe. Will you be so brave as to allow God into your bedroom? Will you allow yourself to become a divine light of love and sexual bliss radiating out into the world?

Of course, this raises all sorts of issues. We may start to question if we are truly in command of our bodies and our responses. Are we being controlled by others expectations? Perhaps there is judgment there in regards to how we look physically which impacts our ability to enjoy pleasure. If we experience too much pleasure perhaps we end up creating distance from people who are not. We limit ourselves in so many ways, often to fall in line with convention, and this convention is creating millions of miserable people.

Would you be curious to start knowing how to receive more pleasure in your body, your life, your energy field? Would you be curious to start exploring your sexual energy with the intention of reclaiming your sacred sexuality?

I’m passionate about seeing people be free of limitation and sex is one of those areas where often people feel trapped.

I’m working on exciting new projects that will explore sacred sexuality and tantra practices to bring this powerful God Force energy to the surface. This is an opportunity to harness our most powerful and primal creator energy to transport yourself into bliss.

I’d love to hear from you and how this is landing for you. Are you wanting MORE when it comes to sex, pleasure and connection? Please email me and let me know, I’d love to hear from you.

I’ll share more insights soon,

Many blessings,