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Success, Ego and Humility.

August 3rd, 2017

I’m at a point now in my business where things are going pretty well. Some people may even call it successful. This is an interesting place to be. There are lots of learnings!

One of them has been – how do I replicate the success I’ve had previously? Back in March I launched a program called Money, Sex and Soul, which is for heart-based entrepreneurs to face their fears, shift their vibration and to take the rational action steps to move into pleasure and abundance doing work they love. I loved it. They got great results which was so inspiring! (You can see more by checking out my You Tube channel here)
I went to launch the program again just recently.

(Can you feel the big BUT coming?!)

I ran an event – just last night (!) and offered it to the folks there. BUT….I went home, completed buzzed and enthusiastic about the evening and then realised…I didn’t want to offer the program again.

WTF, right?

AND, I just emailed the folks there this morning to tell them I’m withdrawing the offer. Why? Purely because I don’t feel to do it. So this is a curious place to be!

Yes, an idea for a new program was birthed in its place – two in fact. But this was a great lesson for me in regards to what we feel we “have to” do to be successful.

My ego was like – “it worked last time, it will work again – do that!” My soul said – “actually, I want to do something else!”

I’ve been leaning into my definition of success is a lot recently. It’s not the money – that only satisfies the ego and momentarily at that. Success for me is a feeling of expansion and limitlessness, which is why I have often said if I stop enjoying what I am doing I would quite happily go and be a chicken farmer in Idaho.

YOU define what success is for you. Some people place so much emphasis on the numbers of people who follow them or how many people have signed up for their latest thing.

I define success by the love around me. The strength of my connections. Of knowing, deep down, that I am in service. That feels sooooo good and is where I want to live from.

I watched a fantastic video between Lewis Howes and Justin Baldoni last week. They talked about the dance between our ego and humility, how it’s important to dial our ego back and keep on going back to the place of the spirit. This is our nature; the dance of duality. For me that is always going to involve keeping my ego in check, taking the road less travelled and following my intuition.

At the end of the interview, Lewis asked Justin what his definition of greatness was. Justin replied in a word “Humility”. I couldn’t agree more. People who are great don’t need to tell others how great they are. They are too busy out there doing awesome things!

Do you know what success or greatness look like for you? I’m here for you to help you gain clarity so please feel free to schedule your free 30-minute session here.

Here’s to always following that still voice from within.

Love and blessings,